Tutor Application

What if my University affiliation is pending?

If your affiliation is unconfirmed, please let us know by May 1, or as soon as possible, if you are admitted to your graduate program or begin an exempt-level position. Unfortunately, we are unable to interview candidates whose affiliation is not confirmed.

Can my partner also apply to be a Resident Tutor or Proctor? What does he or she need to submit?

Yes. If a partner is also applying, your information must be submitted within the same application.  Once you indicate you are applying as a couple the application will include space for both individuals.  An application can be saved and submitted at a later date. 

If one partner has a HUID then both can apply on the application.  If neither has a HUID then applicants can obtain an “XID” prior to applying. The instructions for obtaining an XID are on the landing page of the online application.

I'm a Harvard employee. Am I eligible to be a Tutor or Proctor?

Yes. Employees must be working a minimum of half-time and in an exempt position. Exempt-level employees are not covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act concerning hours worked, meaning that they are not paid hourly and are not eligible for overtime.  If you are unsure if your position is exempt or non-exempt please consult with your supervisor or HR representative.