Gap Year Students

Taking time off between high school and Harvard can give you valuable insights.

Mount Harvard by Matt Gross on Unsplash

Whether you're working, volunteering, helping family, or traveling, you've had the time and space to learn about yourself and think differently about college. Rest assured, you'll be valued for the perspective you bring to campus.

Confirming Your Enrollment

In January, the Admissions Office will contact you by email to confirm that you plan to enroll in the fall.

Contact Information

Visit the Profile section of the Applicant Portal to update your mailing address and email address if they've changed since high school.

Connecting with Classmates

Housing on Campus

It is always possible that we will have too many students seeking to matriculate at the same time, and we may not be able to house everyone on campus in the traditional first-year housing. In the event there is excess demand for housing, Harvard will establish and share a process by which students may apply for undergraduate residential housing. Deferred-enrollment first-year students who do not obtain space in a Harvard residence may be granted an exception to our requirement that first-year students must live on campus, and such students will receive financial aid for room and board if they would ordinarily be eligible for such aid.

Questions after your gap year?

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