Mail and Packages

Harvard University Mail Service employees sort mail

Mail and packages are distributed at the Harvard Yard Mail Center (HYMC), located in the basement of the Science Center. If you have questions about mail, you can reach the HYMC directly at 617-495-5347 or

Your Mailing Address

You will receive your mailing address with your housing assignment, typically in early August. The format for your mailing address will be:

John Quincy Harvard
#### Harvard Yard Mail Center
1 Oxford Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

Mailing Packages Before Moving In

  • You will receive your HYMC mailing address in early August, together with your housing notification. 
  • For the Class of 2026: you may mail packages to yourself ahead of your arrival, so long as they arrive on or after Wednesday, August 10. The Harvard Summer School uses the HYMC between June and early August, and as a result the HYMC can not accept shipments earlier.
  • Packages may not be sent to the First-Year Experience Office.

Sending Mail

  • Stamped mail under 13 ounces can be mailed at the HYMC.
  • You can also weigh outgoing parcels at the HYMC, but outgoing mail that exceeds 13 ounces must be shipped through a local U.S. Post Office. The closest post office location is just a few blocks away in Harvard Square.

Receiving Mail

  • You will be able to pick up your mail beginning on move-in day, but not before.
  • Dollies are available for check-out through Dorm Crew in Weld Hall to help you move any large items.
  • Packages that require signatures are signed for by a clerk as they enter the Harvard mail network, but there may be a lag before the parcel reaches the HYMC. This includes packages sent through UPS, FedEx, and DHL. If your package is missing, please call and have on hand the tracking number and the name of the Harvard clerk who signed.
  • Mail may not be sent to the first-year dorms. Your dorm name and suite number will not be your mailing address.