Maple Yard

Maple is the newest Yard to house first-year students. Located next to the Greenough, Hurlbut, and Pennypacker dorms of Crimson Yard, it includes many beautiful social spaces. Maple dorms are conveniently located near Lamont Library, the Barker Center Cafe, Annenberg Dining Hall, and the First-Year Experience Office.


The suites in 10 DeWolfe are home to students from several houses and to some lucky first-year students. Highlights of living in DeWolfe include: 

  • Quad suites with in-suite bathrooms, air-conditioning, and a kitchen, as well as a large living room. Each kitchen has an electric stove, refrigerator, and sink. The living room is not furnished.

  • Proximity to the First-Year Experience Office and shops along Mount Auburn Street and Massachusetts Avenue, including Insomnia CookiesEl Jefe’s Taqueria, and Kung Fu Tea

The Inn

Completed in 1991, The Inn (as the name suggests) was originally a hotel. In previous years, it has also served as swing housing for dorms undergoing renovations. Now, several first years will be happy to call The Inn home. Highlights of living in the Inn include: 

  • Doubles with in-suite bathrooms and air-conditioning. 

  • Several large common areas to socialize. With a central skylit courtyard, The Inn is a great place to get to know your neighbors. 

  • Easy access to shops and restaurants along Massachusetts Avenue. 

  • Proximity to other Maple and Crimson Yard dorms and the First-Year Experience Office. 

The Prescotts

Exterior of 22-24 PrescottExterior of 20-20A Prescott

Built in 1916 as an apartment building, the suites in 20-20A and 22-24 Prescott are just down the street from the Crimson Yard dorms. Benefits of living in The Prescotts include: 

  • 20-20A Prescott has large double, triple, and quad suites. 22-24 Prescott has singles and doubles. Both buildings have in-suite bathrooms, kitchens, and great lighting through large windows. Each kitchen has a refrigerator, sink, and a gas stove, but gas service to first-year suites is disabled so the stove is not functional. Many suites have a common room, but common rooms are not furnished.

  • Proximity to the Harvard Art Museums, the Cambridge Public Library, and the Barker Center. 

  • Easy access to shops along Broadway Avenue including Broadway Market and Starbucks. 

  • Short distances to several Harvard buildings make finding classes a breeze.