Move In

Updated Arrival Protocol

Because the move-in period brings elevated risk for COVID infection, all newly arriving students must follow updated arrival proctol as indicated below. Wear a mask at all times and minimize social activities to keep yourself and the community safe.

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HUMS Update:


  • Please expect up to 48 hours turnaround time on packages being received and distributed at the depots.   Please do not to come to the depots until you receive an email from: (Amazon notification of delivery does not mean that parcels are ready to be picked up).
  • We will be shortening pick up hours tomorrow to 12-4 (August 28).  This will allow HUMS to catch up with all of the deliveries and serve you better going forward.    
  • If there is an emergency - i.e. medication or other desperate need - please call 617.799.8350 for support.


Learn what you can expect during fall move in – we can't wait to see you soon!

Housing Assignments   Timeline   Health/Safety  Arrival Procotol   Late Arrivals   Living Off-Campus  
Last updated: Friday, August 27, 2021
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Housing Assignments

For Fall 2021, Harvard College will return to a normal housing density in the Houses and Yards and we will offer in-person dining. Incoming students will receive their housing assignments the first week of August and upper-level students will receive their housing assignments the second week of August. 

Throughout July, Housing and Residential Life will work closely with Resident Deans of First-Year Students and House Administrators to assign students to housing. Students will continue to be affiliated with their House or Yard and retain access to all of the same staff and advising structures, regardless of their physical room assignment.

Additional Undergraduate Housing

For first-year students, we anticipate using 1201 Mass Ave and a series of apartments on Prescott Street adjacent to the Yard. Both locations have been used in the past for Harvard-affiliated swing housing. Dean Straker and her team in the First-Year Experience Office are already thinking about a new name for the yard and staffing.

For upper level students, we have secured Cronkhite Hall, which is composed of singles and includes shared community spaces. We have also secured apartments through Harvard University Housing, which are all adjacent to campus.

As we learn more about students’ plans and how many students are interested in Fall 2021 housing, we will work with the residential communities to determine how best to assign and allocate the housing. All of the locations identified above will be affiliated with existing residential communities and be staffed accordingly. As of September 2021, none of this additional housing has been necessary for fall housing assignments.

Visiting Undergraduate Students

Due to the high volume of students returning to campus we are unable to provide housing for Visiting Undergraduate Students (VUS) for the Fall 2021 semester. VUS will still receive an academic adviser who is also a tutor in the Dudley Community, and can expect to be able to access all academic spaces and co-curricular resources. Please see the Dudley Community Welcome Memo on the VUS Admitted Student Page for more information about off-campus housing, and send any unaddressed questions to Program Manager, Chris Gilbert at

Furniture and Amenities

  • Each student will have a bed, desk, desk chair, bookshelf, floor lamp, and dresser. Students who have in suite bathrooms will be responsible for cleaning the bathrooms.
    • Cleaning supply kits will be placed in en suite bathrooms. If you need more cleaning supplies, please contact your building manager or Yard Operations as you and your suite mates will be responsible for cleaning your bathroom until further notice.
  • Testing kits and masks will be available in your room upon arrival. Each student will receive a package of test kits to use according to their assigned testing cadence. More test kits and masks will always be available from your building manager and Yard Operations.
  • A HEPA filter will be provided in each common room.
  • We will not be providing micro-fridges.  Students needing a micro-fridge can rent one from the Harvard Student Agency

What to Bring

  • We recommend bringing any essential items with you to campus so that you have them available until you have your first negative test.
  • Don't overpack – bring only what you need. Please note that there is no on-campus summer storage and plan accordingly (see Storage). 
  • You may want to pack extra food or snacks. If you move-in after hours (see Late Arrivals), meals will not be available until the next morning. Please plan accordingly. You will be able to pick up meals from HUDS the following morning.
  • Be sure to bring masks for yourself and anyone helping you move in. Masks will be required for move-in (see Information for Move In Helpers and Families).

Housing Cancellations

If you are no longer planning to live on campus, please log into the residential portal and complete the housing cancellation form for Fall 2021 by selecting “Housing Forms” and “Housing Cancellation Form.”

Late Cancellation Fee

Beginning on August 11, a late cancellation fee of $100 will be assessed to students who cancel their fall housing. There are currently a number of students on the waitlist for fall housing, so please complete this as soon as your fall plans are finalized.

Move-In Timeline

To allow all students to move in safely, move-in will be staggered by class. By now, all students moving to campus should have chosen a time window within a range of dates and times (move-in dates for each class are included below). 

International Student Arrivals

International students should make every effort to arrive during the assigned window for their class year. We understand that due to the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccine requirements, travel and arrival to the US is complicated. If your personal circumstances require you to move in outside of your assigned move-in window, you must receive prior approval for an exception. Please email the Office of International Education and your Resident Dean (or First-Year Experience Office at, if you are a member of the Class of 2025) with the reasons why you are requesting a move-in exception. Arrivals prior to August 20 will not be permitted for any reason.

Timeline for Incoming Students – Class of 2025

Monday, May 17 Deadline for all students entering the Class of 2025 to complete their Housing Applications. Incoming students who have not applied for housing should submit their applications now.
First week of August Incoming students will receive their housing assignments. 
Wednesday, August 25–Friday, August 27 First-years can move in during their selected time slots.
Saturday, August 28–Tuesday, August 31 First-Year Orientation
Tuesday, August 31 Convocation
Wednesday, September 1 First Day of Classes
Monday, September 6 Labor Day (University Holiday)


Timeline for Upper-Level Students – Class of 2024, Class of 2023, Class of 2022

Early June Upper-level students will receive a link to complete their housing applications
Second week of August Upper-level students will receive their housing assignments
Friday, August 20–Saturday, August 21 Juniors move in during their selected time slots
Sunday, August 22 House Orientation for Juniors
Sunday, August 22–Monday, August 23 Sophomores move in during their selected time slots
Wednesday, August 25 House Orientation for Sophomores
Friday, August 27–Saturday, August 28 Seniors move in during their selected time slots
Wednesday, September 1 First Day of Classes
Monday, September 6 Labor Day (University Holiday)

Health and Safety

Harvard announced on May 5 that COVID-19 vaccination will be required for all enrolled students this fall. We understand that access to the COVID-19 vaccine is variable across the world. Harvard University Health Services (HUHS) will provide vaccination to any enrolled, full-time student who has not been vaccinated. 

Please contact HUHS with questions about the COVID-19 vaccine requirement.

Arrival Protocol

  1. Review Harvard University Health Services expectations and protocols before you get here so you can plan a safe arrival for yourself and others. (International students should review the information provided by HUHS. You may reach out to the Office of International Education with questions or concerns about your arrival.)

  2. After August 16 and no later than the day before your arrival, set up your Color account. Your account will be ready to activate after August 16. You will receive your first kit to activate once you arrive on campus.

  3. Communicate move-in protocols to anyone who will be helping you move in (see Information for Families and Move-In Helpers).

  4. Identify any essential items that you will need between your arrival and your first negative COVID test, and plan to bring them with you.

  1. Wear a mask at all times, except when sleeping or eating. This includes outdoors and indoors, including your residential suite.

  2. Remind anyone helping you move in about the protocols for move in helpers and families. Be sure that your helpers have packed masks.

  3. Activate your first Color test kit once you arrive on campus.

  4. Complete a COVID-19 test once you move into your House or dorm. To find out where to drop off a test, view our map of COVID-19 test drop-off bins. Follow HUHS's recommendation to minimize social activity until you receive a negative test result. During this time you may pick up meals, mail/packages, and drop off your test kits. Activities like trips off-campus, visits to local restaurants or stores, and participation in College-sponsored in-person programming should only occur after your first negative test. Test results are generally available within 24 hours. Note: Students who have been continually on campus and enrolled in testing during the summer are not required to test 3 times in the first week and should instead continue their assigned cadence.

  5. If you have not been fully vaccinated, please make an appointment with HUHS to receive the vaccine. Instructions to make COVID-19 appointments are available on the Harvard University website.

  6. Pack essential items and carry them with you since you won't be able to travel off-campus until after your first negative COVID test.

  • You will test on Day 4 and Day 7 after your arrival and then will participate in your assigned regular testing cadence. Note: Students who have been continually on campus and enrolled in testing during the summer are not required to test 3 times in the first week and should instead continue their assigned cadence.

  • Visit the Harvard University testing and tracing webpage for details about the testing process. If you have any questions, email


Important Information for Families and Move-In Helpers

  • Out of an abundance of caution, the College is strongly encouraging that you only bring 2 helpers into your dorm or House to help you move in. Your helpers must wear masks at all times. (Additional people may travel with you to campus but should not enter the buildings).
  • Your helpers are only permitted on campus during your assigned move-in timeslot and must vacate immediately afterward.
  • We will not be hosting any family programming during move-in. Our efforts will be concentrated on moving in all students quickly and safely. 
  • Please limit your time on campus since we are trying to accommodate all families during move-in. The drop-off period in front of the dorms and Houses is limited to 20 minutes. Complimentary parking is available if you need more time to support your student moving in. 

Late Arrivals

We ask that you make your best effort to abide by the move-in time slot you selected so that staff are available to ensure a safe move-in and answer any questions you may have.

  • If you arrive after 4:00pm ET because of travel delays or other unforeseen circumstances, you may pick up your key from the Securitas staff in your House or the Securitas Office located at the Widener Gate in the Yard.
  • First-year students, and any sophomores who do not yet have an HUID card, will also be able to pick up their HUID with their key.
  • If you move-in after hours, meals will not be available until the next morning. Please plan accordingly. You will be able to pick up meals from HUDS the following morning.


Items you have stored will be available when you return to campus:

  • Olympia Storage and College Boxes will deliver items to your assigned suite prior to your arrival on campus.
  • For items stored with the Undergraduate Council (UC), contact the UC at about anticipated storage pick-up dates. You must have a negative COVID test before picking up these items.

Note: on-campus summer storage is not available, so pack accordingly to limit your need to ship or store items off-campus during summer 2022.

Living Off-Campus

Any upper-level student who has questions about moving into off-campus housing for Fall 2021 should speak with their House Administrator about their plans. Students who choose to live off-campus are expected to be able to access all academic spaces and co-curricular resources as normal.