Move Out

Spring 2022 Move Out Information

Students moving boxes next to brick building

First-year students, sophomores, and juniors must depart by 12:00pm on Sunday, May 15. You may choose to leave earlier than this if your final exam schedule and course requirements permit. 

Graduating seniors must move out by 5pm on the Friday following Commencement, May 27.

Before you depart, complete the move out checklist below.

Spring Move Out Checklist

  • Set up mail forwarding, clear out your current mailbox, and pick up all packages. Update your "ship to address" when purchasing future items to avoid using your current College address.
  • Pack before move out day, and plan to take all of your belongings with you. Storage is not available on campus, but you may arrange shipping or storage  with an outside vendor (see below).
  • Refer to the Yard gate schedule for times when the Johnston and Widener gates will be open for vehicles to drive into the Yard.
  • Prepare your room:
    • Remove all trash from your room
    • Sweep/vacuum your floor
    • Clean your en-suite or hallway bathroom
    • If you rented a MicroFridge from Harvard Student Agencies (HSA), empty, clean, and unplug it (HSA will pick it up from your room)
    • Unplug your HEPA filter
    • Close and lock your windows
    • Turn down your heat/thermostat
  • Report any maintenance issues – either in your suite, room, or common spaces.
  • Return any unused Color test kits to your Building Manager or Yard Ops
  • Return your room key to your House building manager or Yard Operations. A fee of $50 will be charged if you do not return your key.

Storage and Shipping Information

If you choose, you can make storage/shipping arrangements with outside vendors. Harvard does not promote specific companies, but we have listed a few companies which you can use independently: