Garry Mitchell

Garry Mitchell

Maple Yard Resident Dean of First-Year Students
Assistant Dean of Harvard College
Garry Mitchell

Welcome Harvard Class of 2025! I cannot wait to live and learn withyou. Learning and education has been the throughline of my life and is the foundation for all of my passions. In my life I’ve attended both public and private schools. I’ve been homeschooled. I have been in classes where everyone looked like me as well as comprised 50% of a school’s Black population. I’ve been labeled as “gifted” at times and been told that I need remedial classes at others. I’ve been a student. I’ve been a teacher. I’ve taught in coeducational settings and taught in an all-girls school. I've taught and learned alongside many different demographics from elementary students to graduate students to senior citizens at my church. From Stanford undergrad to Harvard Ph.D. student, the common denominator between all these varied experiences lies in the transformative power of education. As a lifelong student and educator I am excited to walk alongside you as you experience this transformative power at Harvard.

On campus I live with my wife Alice, my 16-year-old brother-in-law Ibukun, toddler daughter Everly Rose, and sweet dogs Reesie and Toph. We are all here for you!
For fun we love to cook, dance and sing poorly, and watch heist movies and tv shows. I can’t wait for us to sing, laugh, cook, and of course learn together this year!

Contact Information

First-Year Experience Office
6 Prescott St.
p: 617-495-1574