Kate Drizos Cavell

Kate Drizos Cavell

Kirkland House Administrator
Kate Drizos Cavell

In Kirkland, I work on housing, events, room reservations, the budget, and whatever comes my way! My favorite things about Kirkland include KDS, Conversations with Kirkland, HoCo, sophomore advising, and our truly wonderful community of Tutors, students, and staff [and dogs]. Outside of Kirkland, I'm a PhD student at Boston College, where I study Higher Education. My office is under the Kirkland archway in H-Entry. Visitors are always welcome!

I've worked at Harvard since 2006 and have gotten to see the university from lots of different angles. Within Harvard, I've worked on residential life, student affairs, academic advising, House Renewal, parent programs, the Host Family Program, and more. My most meaningful time was spending 4 years as a Proctor in Wigglesworth!

Outside of work, I spend most of my time with my extremely beautiful and soft dog -- Kiley Dogstein. 

Contact Information

95 Dunster Street, First Floor of H-Entry
p: 617-495-2272