Sheehan Scarborough

Sheehan Scarborough

Senior Director, Harvard Foundation
Sheehan's portrait

As Senior Director of the Harvard Foundation, I oversees the Foundation’s flagship events, educational programs, and individualized support that centers diversity, inclusion, and belonging at the heart of the student experience. 

My academic focus includes religion and sexuality, pastoral care and counseling, and politics. I welcome conversations that strike at the intersections of race, religion, gender, sexuality, and politics. 

I really enjoy music. If you stand outside my office, you're likely to hear me humming church hymns or singing softly to myself. My favorite composer is Johann Sebastian Bach, but I enjoy a wide-range, including EDM and R&B. I love squash (the sport), graphic novels, video games, the Hebrew Bible, and good storytelling. My spare time usually involves one or more of these. 

I graduated from Harvard College in 2007 and returned in 2011 to pursue a Master of Divinity at Harvard Divinity School. During my graduate studies, I served as a seminarian at The Memorial Church. I also spent several years working as a first-year proctor and academic adviser. Before joining the Dean of Students Office, I served as the Assistant Director of Student Services at Harvard Summer School where I managed the Academic Tutor Program and the Summer Activities Office. 

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