Sonia David

Sonia David

Administrative Coordinator

I serve as the point of contact and logistics planner for the Harvard Foundation. I am a diversity and inclusion educator and I offer triage assistance to students in need of advice related to their experiences on campus. Additionally, I serve as the Co-chair to the Queer Employee Resource Group here at Harvard. 

In my spare time I am a group fitness instructor. Health and well-being is my passion. 

I am an alum of Harvard Divinity School '16 where I worked with the Humanist Community at Harvard and the Harvard College Humanist and Atheist Association. I have worked at Harvard full-time since 2017. I have worked part-time since 2013, and served at the University of Vermont in the department of residential life for two years as a senior resident advisor. I loved my time working in proximity with student affairs professionals during my time as an undergraduate student employee from 2010-2013. 

Contact Information

B02 Thayer Hall
Harvard Yard
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138
p: 617-495-1527