Susan Hamel

Susan Hamel

Quincy House Academic Coordinator
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I assist students with navigating academic requirements and administrative procedures, and provide data and information to House staff. I coordinate administrative tasks for the premedical, prelaw and fellowships committees. I manage and maintain current students' academic files and recommendation dossiers, as well as the past 7 years of alumni. I communicate with students regarding academic calendar deadlines and procedures. I maintain 6 House listservs and the House website. I coordinate and perform numerous preparations for Commencement. I assist the Resident Dean with weekly Administrative Board dockets, outcome letters, and track cases. I also schedule appointments for the Resident Dean.

In my spare time I like to the go to the gym or do yoga, cook vegan meals, take walks, and watch almost anything on TV. 

This is my 19th academic year at Quincy House. Before that I worked a couple of years at the Registrar's Office.

Contact Information

58 Plympton Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
p: 617-495-2286