Move Out

Spring 2021 Move Out Information

Students moving boxes next to brick building

Houses and dorms will close for the spring term at noon on Sunday, May 16. This deadline applies to all students, including seniors.

Students who wish to apply to remain on campus due to extenuating circumstances can submit an application on line.  Please note this application will close on Sunday, April 18, 2021.

Students approved for a summer extension will remain in their current room until Monday, May 31, at 9am, when they can move to their assigned summer housing.

Move Out Checklist

Mail forwarding

  • Before leaving campus, set up mail forwarding and clear out your current mailbox
  • Pick up all packages
  • Update your "ship to address" when purchasing future items to avoid using your current College address

Pack before move out day

  • One helper may assist you / carry items out of the building, but they may not help you pack
  • Your helper must wear a mask, and is limited to 15 minutes inside the building

Prepare your room

  • Remove all trash from your room and leave your room in broom-swept or vacuumed condition
  • Ensure your en-suite or hallway bathroom is cleaned
  • Empty and clean your MicroFridge, but leave it plugged in
  • Unplug your HEPA filter
  • Close and lock your windows
  • Turn down your heat/thermostat

Return your room key

  • Students living in the Houses should return their key to their House Building Manager's office
  • Students living in the Yard should check their suite door basket for a key return envelope and use it to return their key to Harvard Yard Operations
  • A fee of $50 will be charged if you do not return your key

Check out online 

  • Visit the residential portal, select housing forms, and click apply/continue to let us know that you have moved out
  • If you have already left campus, submit the form as soon as possible

Guests on campus

  • All campus visitors must wear masks
  • One helper may assist you move items out of your building, but they may not help you pack, and are limited to 15 minutes inside the building
  • Other guests on campus must remain in their vehicle or outdoors, so please plan accordingly

Yard access

  • Refer to the Yard gate schedule for times when the Johnston and Widener gates will be open for vehicles to drive into the Yard

Testing and Crimson Clear

Storage and Shipping Information

Take all of your belongings with you. Storage is not available on campus. If you choose, you can make storage/shipping arrangements with outside vendors. Harvard does not promote specific companies, but we have listed a few companies below which you can use independently: