Kim Gulko

Kim Gulko

Leverett House Academic Coordinator
Kim Gulko

As Academic Coordinator of Leverett House, I work alongside my Resident Dean to accomplish our number 1 priority- supporting Leverett House students academically and personally. In my role, I do this by keeping our students well informed about what they need to do in order to graduate. The 4 main ways I support our students is through a) general student body support- pushing academic related information out to students in a timely manner; b) identifying 1 by 1 advising needs of individual students and then advising those students; c) student support by supporting committees (ie. premed committee); d) Answering questions about various policies and procedures within the College, such as the Administrative Board and Honor Council processes. I also support the Resident Dean in his teaching responsibilities at the College. I came to Leverett House for an exciting position, however Leverett has truly become a home; many colleagues have become dear friends, and our students are such incredible people who continually inspire me in so many ways. My most favorite part of being an Academic Coordinator within the House system at Harvard College is observing our students evolve over their 3 years with us at our House.

When not at Leverett House, you can often find me at a dance class, swimming laps, taking a pilates class, walking aimlessly by the river (or any body of water), finding my inner child by making crafty gifts, spending time with my incredible family and friends, and last but certainly not least,  taking any opportunity to spoil my cherished nieces and nephews with love (and maybe some toys).  During the summer, my beach chair and umbrella are planted at the water's edge at Old Silver Beach in Cape Cod.  

I have been working at Harvard since 2012.  My first position was at the Graduate School of Design, where I worked for 3 years supporting students and faculty in the Department of Architecture.  I have happily been at FAS/Leverett House since 2015.  

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