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Managing Your Organization

Harvard College student organizations get resources like financial support, marketing, and meeting spaces. To access these resources, you need to follow the processes outlined in our policy guide. We created these guidelines to help you thrive and build an inclusive and safe community.

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*COVID continues to impact the way student organizations can operate. Please review this document for more information and be proactive in your planning! 

What's Included?
  • Policies and procedures (hazing, free speech and expression, disciplinary processes, etc.) 
  • Trademark & use of Harvard name
  • Events & use of campus space
  • Travel
  • Finances
  • Publicity

SOCO: Student Organization Portal

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Your Portal for Campus Life

SOCO contains everything you need to find upcoming events and managing your student organization. Use it to connect with groups, find events, and track your involvement while you are at Harvard.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do student organizations register an event through SOCO?

If you are a listed officer, you can complete event registration through SOCO. To register, offices should select the “Events” tab on the SOCO homepage. Students will then be guided to the event registration form. You should read all instructions carefully and fill out all required information. Please note that the form is not submitted until you hit “Submit” on the very last page of event registration form.

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For questions about student organizations, please contact the Student Organization Center at Hilles at or 617-495-1020.