Move In/Move Out

Student and mother carrying box

Early Arrivals

First-year students who have applied and been accepted to participate in the First-Year Outdoor Program (FOP) will be invited to move into their term time housing on August 17 during an assigned time.

First-year students who have applied and been accepted to participate in the First-Year Arts Program (FAP), First-Year International Program (FIP), First-Year Urban Program (FUP), First-Year Retreat and Experience (FYRE) Program, or Leadership Institute for the First-Year Experience (LIFE) will be invited to move into their term time housing on August 19 during an assigned time.

Students who are not participating in a pre-orientation program will move into their term time housing on August 25 during an assigned time.

Getting to Campus

Traveling by Car

  • Apley Court: Drive directly to 16 Holyoke St., Cambridge, MA 02138 (one-way running south to north) and park on the street. 

  • Greenough: Drive directly to 10 Prescott St., Cambridge, MA 02138 (one-way running south to north) and park on the street. 

  • Hurlbut: Drive directly to 2 Prescott St., Cambridge, MA 02138 (one-way running south to north) and park on the street. 

  • Pennypacker: Drive directly to 387 Harvard St., Cambridge, MA 02138 and park on the street. 

For all other dorms:

  • Drive directly to the “First-Year Staging Area” at the Harvard Stadium parking lot located at 65 North Harvard Street; Boston, MA 02134. Note the address is Boston, not Cambridge.

  • The “First-Year Staging Area” opens at 8:00 am.

  • At the staging area you will receive an entry pass and directions to Harvard Yard; an entry pass is required.

  • Wait time varies depending on traffic and time of day and sometimes takes up to 2 hours.

Traveling by Public Transportation

From South Station (Amtrak, MBTA subway, Greyhound, other buses):

  • Go downstairs in South Station to the red line subway and take train toward Alewife to Harvard Station (sixth stop)

  • The fare is $2.40. 

From Logan Airport: 

  • Via subway: board Silver Line subway bus to South Station (see South Station above); free fare. 

  • Via taxi or car service: proceed to the Johnston Gate (1465-1483 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138) which is the main entrance into Harvard Yard or proceed directly to the street address for your dorm/hall; no entry pass or stop at Harvard Stadium required; taxi fare can be up to $50 with tip. 

Move-In Day

First-year move-in is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, August 25, 2022.  Your keys will be available beginning at 9:00 am and you are required to be in residence by 3:00 pm.

Unload quickly after parking outside your dorm – you will have a maximum of 20 minutes. Be prompt in fairness to others.

After unloading your vehicle, proceed to the free, reserved parking areas on Oxford or Everett Streets (maps will be provided upon arrival); you may then return to your dorm to unpack and settle.

  • Trucks longer than 15 feet are prohibited in the Yard during move-in, as are all Pods.
  • If you purchased large items that need delivery to the dorm, please contact Yard Operations (617-495-1874) to make arrangements for Yard access after move-in day. 
  • Mail and packages may be claimed in the Science Center; check-in tables will be in front of rooms 106 and 115 between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. Your package notification email will tell you to which room to report. 
  • A complete list of (optional) activities for parents and families will be published at a later date.

Moving Out

All members of the Class of 2025 will need to be fully moved out of their rooms by 12:00pm on Sunday, May 15, 2022. 

At this time access cards will be deactivated, and you will no longer be able to get in and out of the dorms. To facilitate move-out, the Yard gates will be open to vehicles at designated times.

Sending boxes home early will make move out easier. If you prefer not to take all of your belongings home with you, the College recommends private storage services such as With these services, you can select a pick up date and the provider will come to your room to collect your items for summer storage. These services cost approximately $45 per box (rates are higher for furniture items) and belongings are insured against loss or damage.

Please forward your mail upon moving out as there is no House or Yard mail service during the summer.

View the move out checklist


Move-In Day

Move in for sophomores participating in their House's sophomore orientation will be on August 25, 2022.

Move in for juniors and seniors living in the Houses, as well as sophomores not participating in orientation programs, will begin on August 27, 2022. 

Sophomore House Orientation

Some Houses offer outings and orientation programming for returning sophomores and permit their sophomore students to move in as early as August 25th, 2022. Please reach out to your House to see if they are offering orientation programming and are permitting early sophomore move-in. 


Harvard College reserves parking meters in the areas around the Houses  for drop-off and pick-up (no more than 20 minutes). We reserve these meters on days where we expect a high volume of students to arrive on or depart from campus. Ordinarily, Harvard University Police Department and Parking Services will direct traffic and provide instructions on-site. If you have questions about specific parking logistics, please contact Harvard Yard Operations.

Key Pick-Up

You may pick up/drop off your keys at your House's building manager office. Please reach out to your building manager for specific instructions.

Moving Out

Students in the Houses who are not participating in the Commencement exercises must move out no later than noon on Sunday, May 15, 2022.  Only late-staying students approved for the commencement housing period and seniors participating in senior week and commencement are permitted to remain on campus after this date. 

View the move out checklist


Seniors (or "social seniors" participating in Senior Week and Commencement Exercises, with permission from their House) are permitted to remain in residence until 5:00pm on Friday, May 27, 2022.