Living at Harvard

The residential system creates vibrant, unique, and supportive communities where you can unwind after a busy day and feel at home.

Apley Court

Harvard Yard Dorms

First-year students live in residential neighborhoods called Yards, which are located at the geographic and historic center of College life. Accommodations range from eighteenth-century buildings, which housed the earliest Harvard students as well as George Washington's troops, to our newest twentieth-century accommodations in Canaday Hall.

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The Houses

The Houses serve as the foundation for the undergraduate experience at Harvard College. Ninety-eight percent of all undergraduates live in one of the twelve residential Houses.  Each House accommodates 350-500 students with its own dining hall, common rooms, and facilities for academic, recreational, and cultural activities.

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Dudley Co-Op


Dudley Community

The Dudley Community serves a variety of undergraduate upper-level students from across campus not residing in one of the Houses. This includes: residents of the Dudley Co-op, Visiting Undergraduate Students (VUS) from other universities, and students residing off-campus. Like the Houses, Dudley offers holistic academic advising and support and has facilities, amenities, and programming targeted toward the unique Dudley population. 

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Housing Processes

Dean Khurana and Cabot Students

Rising Sophomore Lottery

The lottery is coming! Need to know what a blocking group is? How linking groups work? Follow the link below to learn more.

Rising Sophomore Lottery

Harvard Campus

Leaving and Returning

Going on leave or returning from abroad? Learn how to cancel your housing and guarantee yourself a room upon your return.

Leaving and Returning


Mather House

Transferring Houses

After a full year of living in your assigned house, you can apply to transfer houses. For more information, visit the transferring houses page. 

Transferring Houses

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