On-Campus Housing

Whether you choose to live on or off campus, you can join a welcoming community of residential staff and students. 

First-Year Living

As a first-year student, you'll live in one of four residential neighborhoods called Yards, which are located at the geographic and historic center of College life.

First-year living information

Housing Day in Annenberg - Lowell House Students

The Houses

The Houses serve as the foundation for the undergraduate experience at Harvard College. Each House accommodates 350-500 students with its own dining hall, common rooms, and facilities for academic, recreational, and cultural activities.

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Dudley Coop Dining Room

Dudley Community

The Dudley Community supports and eclectic mix of students including residents of the Dudley Co-op, off-campus students, and Visiting Undergraduate Students (VUS). This eclectic mix of students is one of the particular pleasures of Dudley.

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