Tripp Rebrovick, Ph.D.

Tripp Rebrovick, Ph.D.

Coach of Debate
Tripp Rebrovick

I am the Coach of Debate at Harvard College and the Director of the Harvard Debate Council. I manage the college policy debate team; coordinate and oversee undergraduate research, travel, and competition; administer two annual tournaments; and host a summer debate workshop in the quad. More recently, I have begun teaching debate workshops around the world.

I am an avid reader. I particularly enjoy fantasy novels, histories of mass transportation, histories of nutrition, and modern political philosophy. I also enjoy traveling, especially by train, and cooking vegetarian meals. 

I graduated from Harvard College in 2009, served as an assistant coach from 2009-2011, and returned to Harvard in 2017 as the head coach after completing my PhD in political theory at Johns Hopkins University.

Contact Information

p: 617-495-8044