Proctors are graduate students and administrators who live in the dorms with first-year students and create an academic and social community for the 20 to 40 students in their entryway. Proctors host weekly study breaks and will help with your adjustment to Harvard. You'll find they are an excellent source of information about academics, extracurriculars, social life, and College resources.

Zesean Ali

Zesean Ali

Specialty Proctor for Public Service
Thayer Proctor

WELCOME to Harvard! I’m ZeSean (pronounced Zee-Shawn) and I was born and raised in rainy Portland, Oregon. Basketball (Go Blazers!), coffee, and hip hop...

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Jeff Breau Headshot

Jeffrey Breau

Director of Wellness and Self-Discovery Initiatives
Canaday Proctor

Welcome to Harvard! My name is Jeff and I’m excited to be in community with all of you this year. In addition to...

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Kira Brenner

Kira Brenner

The Inn Proctor
Hi there! I’m Kira Brenner, a Bay Area native who graduated from Harvard College in 2018 with a degree in neurobiology, on the mind brain ... Read more about Kira Brenner
Shanelle's headshot

Shanelle Davis

Stoughton Proctor
Congratulations and welcome to Harvard! I transitioned to Cambridge from Jamaica, New York, and my family hails from Jamaica, West Indies so Jamaica both ways... Read more about Shanelle Davis
Nicole Garcia

Nicole Garcia

Pennypacker Proctor
Hi and welcome to Harvard! My name is Nicole Garcia (she/her/hers) and for the past 14 years I have had the pleasure of supporting our study abroad and... Read more about Nicole Garcia
Tom Hamel

Tom Hamel

Director of First-Year Intramurals
The Prescotts Proctor
Welcome, Class of 2025! I grew up in Methuen, MA and I graduated from Harvard in 2014. While at Harvard I concentrated in Government and earned a citation in... Read more about Tom Hamel