Activating Your Color Account

Activating your Color account for COVID-19 testing is a multi-step process. 

  1. Create and confirm your Color account. Before you come to campus, visit and create your account using your Harvard College email address. Log in to your Harvard College email to confirm your color account. For the fall semester 2021, your account will be ready to activate after August 16. You will receive your first kit to activate once you arrive on campus.
  2. Activate your kit. When you're on campus and ready to test, your test kit must be activated. Sign in to using your newly confirmed credentials.
  3. Complete the pre-test survey. You will be asked to indicate any symptoms and some medical conditions.
  4. Review the information about positive and negative test results. Complete the acknowledgements on the next page.
  5. Complete the form and add the requested personal information: Review and confirm that all of your personal information is correct before submitting.
  6. Type in your bar code and accession number. Thank you for keeping Harvard Healthy!

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