Alana Brissette

Alana Brissette

Currier House Administrator
Alana Ryan

As House Administrator, I manage the Currier House finances, calendar and other non-academic administrative details and daily operations. Among these are student housing, House events, staffing the Bells Desk, and Commencement arrangements. I work with the House Staff, House Aides, Resident Tutors, HoCo and HUDS to bring varied events to the Currier community.

Before taking on the role of House Administrator, I served as Academic Coordinator for Currier House. Prior to that, I worked in continuing legal education and events and publishing.

I live in Arlington with my partner and our son. I’m a New York City native, and love travel, music, crafting, movies, trivia, and cooking. If you ever want any off campus food recs or a cooking lesson, let me know.

Contact Information

Currier House Administrator's Office, 64 Linnaean Street, Cambridge, MA 02138
p: 617-495-8100