Alta Mauro, Ph.D.

Alta Mauro, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Inclusion & Belonging
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I oversee the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) portfolio within the Dean of Students Office. In this capacity, I will work with a community of experts to embed the principles of diversity, inclusion, and belonging in the co-curricular and residential experience of all Harvard College students. I guide strategy and craft vision with an understanding of today’s student and what the future may require of them. This means being attuned and responsive to the changing demographics and needs of the Harvard College student body.

Previously, I had the pleasure of serving as the assistant dean and founding director of Spiritual Life & Intercultural Education at New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD). There, I led institutional efforts related to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and the intercultural competence of students, staff, and faculty. Spending six years at what may be the most diverse university in the world stretched my ability to adapt across sociopolitical contexts, balance authenticity with flexibility, and practice empathy.

I earned a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. My doctoral work focused on the intersections of race, class, gender, and upward mobility. My professional areas of focus are: strategic planning around EDI, sustained intercultural dialogue to engage and elevate community, embedding culturally-relevant pedagogy across academic disciplines, and EDI capacity-building across student affairs functions.

Working and mothering claim most of my attention but as of late, I am walking/jogging early mornings, and listening to audible books along the way. I’m a decent baker, and I love a game of Spades or chess. Listening/talking to smart people about the world around us is my favorite thing to do. When it is safe to do so, I will get back to both solo travel and showing my kids far reaches of the world.

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