Community Council

Last Updated: February 11, 2021

All Harvard Students living in residential housing agree to the Residential Community Compact. The Community Council holds the responsibility for reviewing serious concerns related to the expectations in the Residential Community Compact.

The Council is based on shared community responsibility, and it is comprised of an equal number of students and faculty and staff members. The Associate Dean of Academic Integrity and Student Conduct and the Special Advisor to the Harvard College Dean's Office related to COVID-19 are co-chairs of the Council.  

Video: Messages of Gratitude from the Staff and Faculty of Harvard College to Our Students

Video: Student webinar with Q&A moderated by the Council co-chairs.


The Council will respond to notifications of potential violations with the following actions (listed in ascending order of severity): 

  1. No violation;
  2. Council Warning;
  3. Community Engagement;
  4. Removal from housing.

For less serious concerns, the Council may use these responses in a sequential fashion and/or following a warning from the Community Health Lead and/or Chair. For example, a minor violation of the Compact might lead to an oral Community Health Lead warning, a second to a warning by the Chair, and third to a written Council warning, and a fourth to community engagement. However, some actions may be deemed so serious as to merit a more significant response for a single or first action.

See Community Council Procedures

To report a potential violation to the Council please send an e-mail to or complete the Community Compact Violation Reporting Form.

Council Members

As of January 2021

Chairs, Directors, & Staff

  • Brett Flehinger, Chair and Associate Dean of Academic Integrity and Student Conduct, Lecturer on History
  • Meghan Lockwood, Chair and Interim Resident Dean, Cabot House
  • Laura Chivers, Chair and Dudley Community Resident Dean
  • Lauren Mulcahy, Chair and Director of Community Responses
  • Maddie Marino, Case Coordinator


  • Becca Amesbury, Class of 2021, Winthrop House, Integrative Biology
  • Ceylon Auguste-Nelson, Resident Tutor, Adams House
  • Rachel Barbarisi, House Administrator, Dunster House
  • Greta Candreva, Class of 2024, Ivy Yard
  • Samantha Frenkel-Popell, Class of 2022, Winthrop House, History & Literature
  • Kirin Gupta, Teaching Fellow in Women, Gender & Sexuality
  • Evangelos Kassos, Class of 2023, Quincy House, Molecular & Cellular Biology, Government
  • Prashanth "PK" Kumar, Class of 2021, Mather House, Applied Mathematics
  • Sabastian Mandell, Class of 2024, Ivy Yard
  • Heather McLetchie-Leader, Proctor and Member of the Board of First-Year Advisors
  • Carina Myteveli, Director of Housing, Residential Operations, and Student Life
  • Meera Nair, Class of 2023, Cabot House, Molecular & Cellular Biology
  • Dylan Pancoast, Class of 2023, Dudley Community, Physics
  • Nidhi Patel, Class of 2022, Eliot House, Government
  • Xavier Perez Roman, Class of 2024, Oak Yard
  • Alana Ryan, House Administrator, Currier House
  • Sina Sadeghzadeh, Class of 2021, Dunster House, Neuroscience
  • Sheehan Scarborough, Senior Director of the Harvard Foundation
  • Nekesa Straker, Senior Assistant Dean of Residential Life and First-Year Students
  • Matt Thomas, Class of 2021, Social Studies
  • Analli Torres, Class of 2021, Pforzheimer House, Molecular & Cellular Biology
  • Anh Tran, Senior Tutor, Mather House
  • Michael Uy, Allston Burr Resident Dean and Assistant Dean of Harvard College, Dunster House, Lecturer on Music

Community Health Leads

As of February 2021

Community Health Leads play a critical role in keeping our residential community healthy. Each House and Yard community has a Community Health Lead  who answers students’ questions about testing and safety protocols, works with students and colleagues to build a culture of caring for the community, and follows up with students who may need support meeting the guidelines in the Residential Community Compact. If Community Health Leads become aware that students need support following the guidelines of the Compact, their work with those students follows College-wide Community Council protocols. Community Health Leads may work with students by meeting them on zoom, sending reminder or warning emails, and accompanying students to Community Council meetings. A list of the Community Health Leads is included below.



Varnel Antoine 

Adams House 

Kari-Elle Brown 

Elm Yard 

Robert Delaney 

Eliot House 

Kasey Hamel 

Crimson Yard 

Alysha Johnson Williams 

Quincy House 

Scott Jones 

Ivy Yard 

Ryan Keen 

Kirkland House 

Harita Koya 

Mather House 

Kate Leach 

Pforzheimer and Cabot Houses 

Martha Lee 

Oak Yard 

Gakii Masunga 

Lowell House 

John Nowak 

Dunster House 

Chika Okafor 

Leverett House 

Oyetewa Oyerinde 

Currier House 

Jordan Wilson 

Winthrop House 

Alee Lockman Dudley Community, and Community Health Lead at-large 

2020-21 Interim Report

On January 7th, 2021 the Community Council released an interim report of the work of the Council during the fall term of the 2020-21 academic year. 

View the Report