Community Council

Last Updated: September 23, 2021

All Harvard Students have agreed to uphold community expectations related to COVID-19. The Community Council is responsible for reviewing concerns related to these expectations.

The Council is based on shared community responsibility, and it is comprised of an equal number of students and faculty and staff members. 


The Council will respond to notifications of potential violations with the following actions (listed in ascending order of severity): 

  1. No violation;
  2. Council Warning;
  3. Community Engagement;
  4. Removal from housing and/or removal of access to some parts of Harvard's campus

For less serious concerns, the Council may use these responses in a sequential fashion and/or following a warning from the Chair. For example, a violation of the expectations might lead to a warning by the Chair, and second to a written Council warning, and a third to community engagement. However, some actions may be deemed so serious as to merit a more significant response for a single or first action.

See Community Council Procedures

To report a potential violation to the Council please send an e-mail to or complete the Community Council Reporting Form.

Council Members

As of September 2021
  • Meghan Lockwood, Chair

  • Lauren Mulcahy, Chair and Acting Secretary of the Administrative Board

  • Laura Chivers, Chair and Dudley Community Resident Dean

  • Garry Mitchell, Chair and Maple Yard Dean of First-Year Students

  • Brett Flehinger, Chair and Associate Dean of Academic Integrity and Student Conduct, Lecturer on History

  • Summer Shafer, Community Council Case Manager 
Community Council Advisors
  • Gakii Masunga, Resident Tutor, Lowell House

  • John Nowak, Resident Tutor, Leverett House and Teaching Fellow

  • Kate Colleran, Assistant Dean for Student Engagement and Leadership

  • Katie Daily, Resident Dean, Leverett House and Lecturer in English

  • Matthew Burke, House Administrator in Adams House

  • Nathan Fry, Deputy Athletic Director

  • Salvador Jaramillo, Class of 2024, Mather House

  • Ali Hemminger, Assistant Director of Athletics for Compliance

  • Winston Michalak, Class of 2022, Pforzheimer House, Electrical Engineering

  • Heather McLetchie-Leader, Proctor and Member of the Board of First-Year Advisors

  • Carina Myteveli, Director of Housing, Residential Operations, and Student Life

  • Xavier Perez Roman, Class of 2024, Pforzheimer House

  • Nekesa Straker, Senior Assistant Dean of Residential Life and First-Year Students

  • Priyanka Thapa, Class of 2022, Currier House, Economics

  • Gwen Volmar, Associate Director, Undergraduate Research and Fellowships

  • Baptiste Gibrat, Visiting Undergraduate Student, Dudley Community

2020-21 Interim Report

On January 7th, 2021 the Community Council released an interim report of the work of the Council during the fall term of the 2020-21 academic year. 

View the Report