Housing and Residential Life

We help make Harvard a home by centering students in intergenerational learning communities where they connect with their housemates.

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We support Harvard’s unique residential system, which consists of the Yard (the first-year dorms supervised by the First-Year Experience Office), the 12 residential undergraduate communities (Houses) of 400-500 upper-level students and the Dudley Community (approximately 150 off-campus students, and the Visiting Undergraduate program). We partner with Student Engagement and the Office of Undergraduate Education to support all aspects of a student’s journey through Harvard, whether academic, co-curricular, or personal. Finally, we serve as a central point of contact for important residential partners, from Harvard University Dining Services, the Office of Physical Resources, and the Harvard Transportation Services on matters relating to the College Community.

We work to:

  • support the students’ experiences of the residential system across their time at Harvard
  • coordinate the residential staff across the Houses and the First-Year Experience
  • ensure that each student has a consistent experience in terms of resources, access to residential life, and communication about policies

We work closely with the Office of Physical Resources, the Accessible Education Office, and the Title IX Office to ensure that students’ needs are being met in a consistent and timely fashion. We also works closely with Harvard University IT to support and explore existing technological systems that provide important and efficient information to our stakeholders in the House communities and the first-year dorms. They help support the systems employed throughout the Dean of Students Office.

Our signature programs include housing during Winter Break 1 and 2, summer housing for College undergraduates, supporting the Harvard Research Village during the summer, reviewing and establish central policies for the Houses and dorms related to housing.

Housing and Residential Life

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