Dudley Community

No matter where you live while at Harvard, there is support and a community for you.

You are a member of the Dudley Community if you:

This eclectic mix of members is one of the particular pleasures of Dudley.

The Dudley Community offers all the academic resources of a House:

Additional benefits are tailored to living outside the House system and include:

  • Specialized space and amenities

  • Connecting with students with similar experiences

  • Unique and personalized advising and support system

If you choose the co-op, you will join a close-knit group of 32 students living between Harvard and Porter Square who cook, garden, compost, and work together to shape their residential community.

The Dudley Co-op, founded in 1958 as an alternative to other on-campus housing, has a long and vibrant tradition as a progressive, participatory community. Housed in two Victorian homes located between Harvard and Porter squares, the Dudley co-op offers a welcome counterpoint to traditional Harvard living for many students. Dudley Co-op students are given a reduced room rate of $3,837 per semester.

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Dudley Community offers all the academic resources of a House, including a Resident Dean, specialty advising such as fellowships, pre-law, and pre-med, and specialty tutors. We also have a team of non-resident tutors matched with our off-campus students who have more specialized knowledge related to the unique needs of off-campus students. Our space and amenities are tailored to the needs of off-campus students. To find out more, email us at ududley@fas.harvard.edu.

The Dudley Community supports the academic, advising, and community events of the Visiting Undergraduate Students (VUS) Program, hosting approximately 65 VUS each term.

As a Visiting Undergraduate Student, you will receive an academic adviser who is also a tutor in the Dudley Community. As the community center for the VUS program, Dudley also seeks to provide information that will help with your transition to Harvard. At Orientation you will meet Dudley staff and students and receive further information about how we are available to support you as you study at Harvard.

Want to apply to be a Visiting Undergraduate Student? Please visit the VUS Admissions page or reach out to the VUS Admissions contact.

If you still have questions after reviewing the Admitted Students Page, please contact the VUS Program Manager.

Dudley Staff