Report History

In March of 2017, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences created a committee to gather and evaluate suggestions related to the Unrecognized Single-Gender Social Organization (USGSO) policy. The USGSO was co-chaired by Suzannah Clark, Professor of Music, and Rakesh Khurana, Danoff Dean of Harvard College. The committee was charged as follows:

  • To familiarize itself with the current USGSO policy, its accepted implementation, and all available data relating to unrecognized single-gender social organizations. This will include but is not limited to the report of the Implementation Committee, the Task Force on Sexual Assault, Visiting Committee and Overseers reports, student survey responses, and information from other colleges and universities about their experiences with similar types of organizations;
  • To consider whether there are other means of achieving our stated goals, including and especially that of fully advancing the non-discrimination objectives reflected in the current policy, and to evaluate whether any would be more effective than our current policy.
  • To propose, should more effective means be identified, changes or expansions to the current policy or a new approach.


Media Inquiries

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