Grays Common Room Kitchen

Common rooms, kitchens, study spaces, and a variety of other amenities are scattered throughout the first-year dormitories. These are designed for use by all members of the first-year class, not just residents of the building in which they are housed. This map will help you get oriented to the dorms, their location on campus, and the amenities that are available.

Many of the dorms have public network printers. Crimson Print is the application you can use to print. To do so, simply log into the program using your HarvardKey address and add funding to your budget using a debit/credit card, Crimson Cash, or term bill. 

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Reserving Time

Music practice rooms must be reserved in advance by logging into the FAS RoomBook online reservation system and selecting the "First-Year Music Room Reservations" template.

Guidelines for Use

  • Only first-year students are permitted to use the spaces.

  • Rooms are available from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm

  • Limit the use of rooms to an hour at a time and no more than three hours a day.

  • Disinfect all surfaces after use with sanitizing supplies provided in each space.

  • No food or drinks permitted.

  • Students may use the heater(s) and air conditioners, but please power off after use.

  • Drums and amplifiers are not allowed in any music practice room.

  • Do not store your equipment in the music practice rooms.

  • Music room windows must remain closed at all times.

  • Please always be considerate of your neighbors.


  • Greenough Basement
  • Holworthy Basement
  • Matthews Basement (two wheelchair accessible rooms)
  • Straus A Basement
  • Straus C Basement
  • Wigglesworth C Basement
  • Wigglesworth D Basement


Yamaha AvantGrand hybrid pianos are available in each of the music practice rooms. These volume-controlled pianos can be played acoustically or silently with headphones. You must supply your own headphones if you prefer to play silently. If you encounter an issue with one of the pianos, please contact us.

Accomplished players who are interested in performance-grade pianos are also encouraged to inquire about practice pianos in the Department of Music.