Travel Policy

All students signed the Residential Community Compact, which included this guideline for travel:

The ability to travel during the spring semester is likely to be very limited but will vary in accordance with activities allowed under the different Harvard-specific color-coded phases. If travel is needed on an emergency basis during a time when Harvard is in a phase with restricted travel, I will seek advance permission for such travel from my Resident Dean, who will consult with the Dean of Students Office. Upon my return, I may be required to go through arrival quarantine again (the quarantine process the College uses when students first arrive on campus).

  • For purposes of clarity for students, immediate area is defined as a 10-mile radius to Harvard Square
  • Overnight or other travel is prohibited
  • Exceptions to the policy are rare, and exceptions for extraordinary circumstances must be approved by the student’s resident dean at least two business days prior to travel
  • Upon return, all students who travel are required to undertake arrival quarantine, which is the same process the College used when students arrived on campus in the spring
  • Violations of this policy will be referred to the Community Council and may be grounds for immediate revocation of housing privileges
  • For students approved to remain on campus for the summer, exceptions to the policy will only be considered for emergency travel