Unleash your curiosity during Wintersession and try something new! Wintersession programs provide an easy way to find your next hobby or build a professional skill.


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Wintersession takes place during the last week of Winter Break, January 17–26, 2020. Programs are offered by faculty, staff and students and range in length from one hour to one week. You can choose from over 20 subject areas such as arts, athletics, health and wellness, career services, and alumni networking. Program types range from recreational to intensive introspection, training, or learning.

Wintersession programs are:

  • Optional
  • Not offered for credit
  • Mostly free of charge (a few include small fees)


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Questions? View frequently asked questions about Wintersession, or contact Brittany Mitzner, Coordinator for Student Engagement.

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Dining Information

During Wintersession you may dine in any open House. Visit the HUDS website to see opening and closing information.



View winter hours and available locations on the Harvard Recreation calendar.


Shuttle Services

View shuttle schedules for Wintersession.

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Students planning to return to campus during any portion of Winter Recess before Wintersession begins, must apply for Winter Recess housing. If you will be on campus for Wintersession only, then you do not need to apply for Winter Recess Housing.

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Wintersession, the last week of Winter Recess, is a time when students return to campus early to participate in programs that encourage personal reflection, intellectual curiosity, social interaction, and wellness.

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