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College Events Board (CEB)

Want to get involved with campus life and help plan, promote, and present major campus events? CEB is a student-lead programming board that plans a variety of events throughout the year including Crimson Jam, Harvard-Yale Spirit Week, Battle for Yardfest, Yardfest, and much more. Learn valuable leadership skills and focus on marketing, communications, and outreach strategies!

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Student Leadership Trainings

The SOCH team partners with offices across the College to host skill-building workshops for student leaders.  From transitioning your organization's leadership to accessibility in event planning, all student leaders are welcome to attend. For more information about upcoming workshops or to suggest a topic, contact soch@fas.harvard.edu

Student Leadership Awards

Every spring, the Dean of Students Office celebrates and recognizes individuals and student organizations across the College who demonstrate outstanding leadership and significant contributions to student life. Nominations are accepted every March and can be submitted by any member of the College community. 

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Civic Engagement Award*

Given to the first-year student who has encouraged a spirit of public service in the first-year class through individual service and a commitment to equality, benevolence, and public welfare. This student works to strengthen unity and service amongst their classmates, as well as in the larger community.

Creativity Award*

Given to the first-year student who shows exceptional talent or promise in drama, drawing, film, photography, music, painting, sculpture, writing, or in further facets of artistic expression. The student may have produced work that has contributed to the Harvard community and/or addressed issues of social justice and community betterment.

Emerging Global Leader Award*

Given to the first-year student who has demonstrated outstanding involvement and initiative in a context of remote learning across nations and continents. This student shows unwavering dedication to building a stronger global community by contributing to the overall academic and social experience of their classmates. In addition, he/she champions the rich diversity in the class, and strives to make the Harvard community inclusive for all students.

First-Year Veritas Award*

Given to the first-year student who shows an exceptional commitment to intellectual curiosity inside and outside the classroom. Devoted to liberal arts exploration and multidisciplinary inquiry, this student is intellectually adventurous, holds him/herself to a high standard of academic excellence and integrity in the search for truth, and encourages a vibrant and ever-aspiring learning community.

Student Organization of the Year

Given to the student organization or club sport which exemplified its stated mission and enriched student life through their programmatic efforts and make an outstanding contribution to Harvard College in areas such as education, social justice, and service. Awarded by the Office of Student Engagement.

Inclusive Recruitment Award

Given to a student organization that exemplifies inclusion and belonging in their comping and recruitment practices. Student organizations nominated for this award should emphasize continual improvement of comping and articulate a comping process that promotes wellness and community for new members. Awarded by the Office of Student Engagement.

Senior Veritas Award

Given to a senior who has shown exceptional commitment to intellectual curiosity through a thoughtful choice of academic and extracurricular activities. Through their commitment to a rigorous intellectual process, this student has shown others how to hold themselves to a high standard of excellence in their expression of ideas, encouraging a vibrant and inspirational community. 

Spirit of Harvard College Award

Given to a sophomore or junior who has shown a commitment to the ideals articulated in the mission of Harvard College and who inspires others by their example throughout their time at Harvard. This award recognizes this individual's significant campus leadership contributions to integrate the intellectual, social, and personal transformation toward the betterment of all Harvard College students.

The Harvard Foundation Insignia Award

The Harvard Foundation Insignia Award is given to a student whose efforts towards improving intercultural and race relations have had a significant positive impact on the quality of our common life at Harvard College. Candidates for the Insignia Award must be currently enrolled Harvard College undergraduate students. In order to be considered for this honor, each candidate must first receive a nomination by another community member, including students, staff, and faculty (no self-nominations). There is no limit to the number of nominations which one person may make or receive. Nominations should be no more than 250 words. Harvard Foundation staff may reach out to nominated students to request additional information.

Women's Leadership Award

Honors a Harvard College senior who has demonstrated exceptional leadership and made a meaningful impact on fellow students, the campus, and/or the community. As a result of their leadership, they have set an example that could inspire or empower women at Harvard College to assume leadership roles.

(Nomination cycle for the Women's Leadership Award has closed for Spring 2021)

Harvard Gender and Sexuality Caucus Award

The HGSC Award is an award of at least $1,000 that goes to a graduating senior for that individual's efforts in the field(s) of queer activism, leadership, and/or community service, all broadly defined. Founded in 1984 as the Harvard Gay & Lesbian Caucus to advocate for Harvard University’s inclusion of sexual orientation in its non-discrimination policy, the Harvard Gender and Sexuality Caucus (HGSC) supports LGBTQ+ Harvard alumni, students, faculty, and staff around the world with the goal of building a vibrant community, strengthening ties to the Harvard campus, and supporting social action. Awarded by HGSC and the Office of BGTLQ Student Life. Nominations for 2021 can be submitted here and are due May 1, 2021.

* Awards for first-year students


Award Nomination Process

Nominations will be accepted from any member of the College community, including, but not limited to: students, professors, tutors, proctors, teaching fellows, and deans.

To nominate a student or student organization for an award, complete the online nomination form, including:

  • General information about yourself (name and email address).
  • Name of the nominee.
  • A brief statement (suggested length 300 words) describing your nominee and how they exemplify the award criteria. Your statement should highlight the unique qualities of your nominee and answer why you believe they deserve this award.

Deadline: Sunday, April 4


Deadline: Sunday, April 11


Deadline: Sunday, April 11

The award selection committee will review all nominations submitted by the deadline. Nominees will be contacted by the committee and asked to accept their nomination. To assist with the selection process, nominees may be asked to either meet with a member of the committee, or submit a short personal statement about experiences on campus related to the award criteria.

All award nominees will be invited to the Dean of Students Office Awards Reception, typically held in late April. Nominees may invite their friends, proctor/tutor, dean, and/or adviser to attend as well.