Meet other students in your dorm and build community

Tug of war with Class of 2023 students
The First-Year Intramural Program (IM) offers a variety of inter-dorm competitions. By participating in the program, you'll benefit from a chance to exercise, play a fun game, de-stress, get to know others in your dorm, and build a sense of dorm and Yard pride.

A total of 17 sports (both team and individual) and special non-athletic events are offered over the course of three seasons. Points are awarded for wins; and points are deducted for forfeits. At the conclusion of the year, the dorm with the most points wins the historic Yard Trophy. At this festive event, the program also recognizes the top female and male contributors with the Athlete of the Year Award. The names of these individuals and the winning dorm are forever enshrined on a plaque and the Yard Trophy itself, both of which are displayed in Annenberg Dining Hall.

Sports and Activities

IM competition commences each fall with the First-Year Field Day in Tercentenary Theatre. A Harvard tradition, Field Day is a class-wide event where first-years play fun, low-key games such as Necking the Orange, Sponge Relay Race, and the biggest event of all – Yard-wide tug-of-war. Other sports by season include:

Fall: Soccer, Flag Football, Squash, Basektball, Charles River Run (1.8 mile-race), Innertube Water Polo, Spelling Bee, and Glow-in-the-Dark Capture the Flag

Winter: Dodge Ball, Volleyball, Foosball, Climbing Wall Tournament, and LANnenberg (a video and board game night in Annenberg)

Spring: Soccer or Flag Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Table Tennis, Tennis, Softball, Charles River Run (1.8-mile race)

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Yard Athletic Council

The student group that oversees the IMs program is the Yard Athletic Council (YAC). Following an application and interview process in early September, the leadership team of the program selects a member from each dorm to represent that building on the council. The most successful YAC reps are those who love sports, but who are also extremely organized, comfortable knocking on doors, and enthusiastic for the program. This year’s YAC reps can be found on the First-Year IMs Facebook page. If you are interested in applying for the YAC, contact the Director of First-Year Intramurals.