Take care of yourself


The goal of the First-Year Wellness and Self-Discovery program is to support students in cultivating well-being and connection to themselves and one another. These programs focus on the personal growth that happens in tandem with intellectual growth during your first year of college. We seek to help you transition from high school to Harvard College by providing opportunities for developing a holistic view and practice of your health and personal development.

Our programs focus on two key areas:


  1. Wellness, including physical and mental health
  2. Self-discovery, reflection, and personal growth. 

All programs are designed with first-year students' needs in mind and are accomplished with the help of offices across the University. Examples of past programs include:

  • Entryway Conversations: mid-year reflections on education, personal growth, relationships, and community 
  • First-Year Retreat: aims to develop a strong sense of self by reflecting on their purpose, values and identity.
  • Collaborative Mosaic Photography Capstone Project 
  • Compassionate Connections with Harvard Chaplains
  • Just Dance in Smith Campus Center 
  • DIY Parfait Palooza
  • Wellness Wheel Scavenger Hunt

If you have an idea for a program, please contact the Director of First-Year Wellness and Self-Discovery.