Faculty-Student Initiatives

Make the most of your time in the classroom and build connections with professors

Academic Life Workshops  Interactions with Faculty

One benefit of being a student at Harvard is the opportunity to develop relationships with the professors, preceptors, teaching fellows, administrators, coaches, and staff who help make Harvard a world-class institution. These individuals can be great mentors and resources, helping you find direction and support in all aspects of life. 

The Faculty-Student Initiatives (FSI) programming is meant to provide you with information, support and advice that will help you make informed and healthy decisions throughout your first year of college. 

Programs focus on two key areas:

  1. Supporting academic life
  2. Increasing interactions with faculty

Academic Life Workshops 

Through workshops put on by various offices like the Academic Resource Center, the Harvard Library, the Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships, and the Office of Career Services, you'll learn new skills to enrich your academic development.

Examples of past programs include:

  • Study Skills and Preparing for Midterm Exams
  • Résumé Writing 101 Workshop
  • Citing Your Sources
  • Entering the World of Research
  • Time Management Workshop
  • Your First Research Paper
  • Using Social Media in your Social Science Projects
  • Summer Funding Orientation: Non-Credit International Opportunities

Interactions with Faculty 

FSI programming also seeks to engender transformative learning experiences beyond the classroom through sustained interaction with faculty members.

Gober Family Uncommon Fare Dinner Series 

The Uncommon Fare dinners provide you with an opportunity to meet outstanding members of the Harvard community at the Faculty Club. Up to ten students attend the dinner, where you discuss the distinguished guest’s academic interests, receive tips and advice about how to navigate the first year, and see what is truly special about the College.

Professor Ellen Langer with students on 10/16/19

First-Year Faculty Dinners

Once a term, the DSO organizes a formal First-Year Faculty Dinner. We encourage you to invite a professor to join you for a meal at Annenberg and get to know your professor in a more social setting. Faculty, preceptors, and teaching fellows can join you for a meal in Annenberg any time at no cost to you.

Students with their professor in Annenberg

Faculty Luncheon Series

Each term the Dean of Students Office also organizes a series of faculty luncheons. These are a great way to get to know a faculty member. The luncheons are often organized around a topic, and try to promote casual conversation about shared interests between students and faculty.

If you have any questions, please contact the Director of Faculty-Student Initiatives