Housing Day

Share the excitement of Housing Day as first-year students are assigned to their House and upper-level students welcome them home!

Housing Day 2019 with Rakesh Khurana and students running into Harvard Yard

About the Houses

The life of the House extends beyond the intellectual. The Houses host robust cultural and social opportunities and are are home to their own film, music, art, and drama resources that range from small-scale jam sessions to full opera productions. Houses encourage physical wellness by fielding a variety of competitive intramural sports teams. Social functions, such as Faculty Dean open houses, formal dances, and coffee hours, provide students an opportunity to relax and interact with members of their House community.

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Blocking with Friends, AKA the Sophomore Lottery

The week prior to Housing Day, first-year students register for the sophomore housing lottery and list roommates for their sophomore year.

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Housing Day Eve

On the Wednesday prior to Housing Day, upper-level students rally in the Houses and prepare to welcome incoming first-years. The personality (and sense of humor) of each House is apparent through Housing Day t-shirts and videos.

In the Yard, students gather in Annenberg for a celebration hosted by the First-Year Social Committee.

Students and mascots at Housing Day Eve 2016

Housing Day Morn

On the Thursday morning prior to spring break, members of each House Committee race to University Hall to pick up letters for their assigned first-year students. Together with throngs of cheering upper-level students, each House storms through the Yard to personally deliver letters and welcome each first-year student. Waiting is the hardest part for first-year students, but everyone is notified of their House assignment by 10am.

Leaving University Hall with housing letters

Students celebrate their assignment to Eliot House

Housing Day Lunch

Annenberg turns into a party scene as each House stakes out a spot in Annenberg for their newest members. Expect loud music, House colors, and festivity!

Students showing House pride in Annenberg

Housing Day Dinner

Students are welcomed at each House with a special dinner, tour, and introduction to Faculty Deans, Resident Dean, House staff, and student leaders.